Mastic FD Installation Dinner April 2023

The Mastic Fire Department’s 2023 Installation Dinner was an incredible celebration of dedication and service. This year’s dinner was a memorable event, honoring the outstanding efforts of our members.

We came together to recognize the achievements and hard work of our firefighters, highlighting their unwavering commitment to keeping our community safe. Below are the awards presented to our distinguished members, reflecting their exceptional contributions over the past year.

Congratulations to all award recipients, and thank you for your continued dedication and bravery.

Here’s to another year of exemplary service and community spirit!

Line Officers Installed
Chief Steven Januszkiewicz
Assistant Chief Rudy M. Sunderman
1st Lieutenant Tarren Kearns
2nd Lieutenants Ian Arthur, Ryan Peters, Michael R. Malone

Administrative Officers Installed
President – David Haase
Vice President – Anthony Bender
Recording Secretary – John Metzger
Corresponding Secretary – Chris Gross
Treasurer – Frank Scibilia
Directors – Ex-Chief Howard Beck, Ex-Chief Terrence Scaffaro, Life Member Bob Bautista, Life Member Gary Lombardo, and Life Member Anthony Sunderman

Fire Police Officers Installed
Captain – William Ponzio
1st Lieutenant – Fred Stalker
2nd Lieutenant – Craig Diaz

2023 Top Responders
The Members of Mastic Responded to a total of 1,018 overall events in 2023

1. Ex-Chief Charles Mineo – 443
2. 1st Lieutenant Tarren Kearns – 444
3. 2nd Lieutenant Ryan Peters – 462
4. Chief Steve Januszkiewicz – 464
5. Life Member Ken Ittig – 533
6. Life Member Fred Stalker – 551
7. Ex-Chief Gene Martucci – 566
8. Ex-Chief Rudy Sunderman Jr. – 662
9. 2nd Lieutenant Michael R. Malone – 670
10. Life Member Gary Lombardo – 668
11. Life Member William Ponzio – 678
12. Assistant Chief Rudy M. Sunderman – 743

Midnight Alarm Awards
This award is given to recognize the members who had the most overnight responses between the hours of 11pm and 6am. This past year we had 156 calls between within this timeframe. These members ranged from 43 responses to 97 responses.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Michael R. Malone
  • Ex-Chief Gene Martucci
  • Life Member William Ponzio
  • Assistant Chief Rudy M. Sunderman
  • 1st Lieutenant Tarren Kearns
  • Ex-Chief Rudy Sunderman Jr.
  • Chief Steve Januszkiewicz
  • 2nd Lieutenant Ian Arthur
  • Life Member Gary Lombardo
  • Life Member Ken Ittig
  • Firefighter Nick Jackson
  • Firefighter Nina Arthur